Corona Cases in India: Latest update on 21/03/2020 At 17:00

Total corona cases in India Andhra Pradesh: 3
Chhattisgarh: 1
Delhi: 26
Gujarat: 7
Haryana: 17
Himachal Pradesh: 2
Karnataka: 15
Kerala: 40
Madhya Pradesh: 4
Maharashtra: 63
Odisha: 2
Puducherry: 1
Punjab: 13
Rajasthan: 17
Tamil Nadu: 3
Telangana: 21
Chandigarh: 1
Jammu and Kashmir: 4
Ladakh: 13
Uttar Pradesh: 24
Uttarakhand: 3
West Bengal: 3
Total number of confirmed cases in India: 283

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Download Baaghi 3 Movie Free The producer of this movie is Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and Fox Star Studios. And Director of this baaghi 3 movie download is Ahmed khan. Where Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor or Ritis Deshmukh and Ankita Lokhande make this movie more awesome.
In this Baaghi 3 movie download, Tiger shroff is named Ronnie and Shraddha Kapoor named Siya Nandan. Or Ritesh Deshmukh named Vikram Pratap Singh and Ankita Lokhande named Ruchi Nandan.

It’s our very own Tiger Shroff, who in this film is taking on an entire country – Syria. I suppose the stakes had to be raised. The first film was a mashup of the Telugu film Varsham, The Karate Kid and The Raid: Redemption. Tiger single-handedly took on an entire building filled wit…

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Fastest car in the world when it comes to buying a car most customers. Don't primarily attach importance to speed because fast cars are obviously expensive. However, some of them still do some research on.

Fastest Car In The World Top 10 In this article, I'm gonna present to you, people who don't necessarily investigate fast cars. Top 10 currently the fastest car in the world. Before we get into that, the speed unit I'm gonna be using is kilometers per hour. But keep mind miles per hour is gonna be shown on the screen too. We start low to high. So. Let's Boom. No. 10, Car Is The Tesla Roadster This car is reveale as a surprise at the end of the Tesla Semi unveiling. Roadster features the most fastest car in the world impressive specifications sheet of any EV. Which means electric vehicle by the way. Tesla Roadster’s maximum speed is claime to be 402 kilometers per hour. But that is not the only feature making it a great car. The roadster is in a class of its own wit…

$17 Billion Mega Airport China’s Largest Airport At Beijing

New mega Beijing Daxing Airport. At one point there were up to 40,000 workers working here. It’s an incredible feature at Daxing . So, wanna take you guys for a visit to Chinese Garden. So here we’re at the top of the airport, the garden here. Look at us, behind. That is Chinese high speed train. Every seat here just looks like a first class seat on the aeroplane. China’s Largest $17 Billion Mega Airport At Beijing
So today I am going to take you to explore China’s new mega airport. At least 46 kilometres south of Beijing city. And, there are two ways to get there by train. One is on a high speed rail like this, the Chinese fast bullet train. And, it costs about 90 Yuan. You get a seat in business class like this, or 25 yuan in the second class. And the second way is by a dedicated metro line, and it’s about 25 minutes by the metro line. There’s one button on the chair you push down. It convert to a flat bed. Just as good as first class seats on the aeroplanes . I have the whole cabin he…

Bora Bora travel In this vacation | travel view

This article say to us amazing story about in this vacation travel at bora bora and also saying amazing vacation travel story.

Table Of Contents

Travel At Bora BoraWith overwater bungalows, to teeming wildlife and tropical jungle. It is a reputation for idyllic getaways has been carried on the tides to all corners of the globe.

Bora Bora Island Shimmering in the South Pacific Ocean, and sheltered by a pristine lagoon and barrier reef. The French Polynesian island group is just a one hour flight from Tahiti. bora bora island has nurtured its inhabitants with a bountiful song since the 3rd century. When the earliest Polynesian mariners arrive on these shores. In ancient times, the islands were known as. “Pora Pora mai te pora”, or created by the gods…, today this paradise appears to have been created for just one thing, relaxation. Getting to the pearl of the pacific is an adventure in itself. Most travelers fly into Tahiti, before boarding. A small plane for the short flight to here. Take in…

Do Not Tell Your Goal To People | Secret Archive Goals

Hi, Friends. In this article, you will know about do not tell your goal and secret of goals to archive.
Humans have tons of dreams, aspirations, and goals which we would like to achieve. And since we are social creatures, we also like to talk about them. But maybe it's time we stop telling people what our goals are. The reason why we shouldn't is because when we tell others what we're planning to do. It makes us less likely to follow through and actually achieve those goals.
Here's why?
Do Not Tell Your Goals To Anyone In a 2009 study, a group of researchers examined 163 people across four separate tests. Every one of those participants was told to write down their personal goal. Then the first half of them told everyone in the room about their commitment to this goal. The other half didn't and kept their mouths shut. Then everyone was given 45 minutes to work on their goal, but they were told that they could stop at any time.
The results were quite interesting: Th…

How South Korean Skin Care Company K-Beauty Took Over Global

Hi friends, In this article, you will know about how South Korean skin care company K-Beauty took over global. So, Let's get start it now.
Cosmetics Industry Growing Fast The global cosmetics industry makes a ton of money. That includes shampoo, makeup, perfume, cologne, deodorant, soap. The list goes on. Analysts expect the industry's revenue to grow within the next four years to more than t$379 billion. But when you break down that number, it's skin care that's driving much of the growth. And it's not slowing down.
Lisa says "Probably like this really expensive moisturizer that I kind of got conned into buying for                       about 150 dollars."
Skin care is an increasingly lucrative business for cosmetic companies. And there's one country that's been playing an outsized role on skin care. South Korea. Here's why.?
How South Korea Tooks Over Skin Care Skin care is a big moneymaker for big beauty brands. Over the last five years, ski…