Audi q5 2019 SUV Review – Still a Great Large SUV?

In this article, I will tell you about Audi q5 2019 how good or bad. Or it really is in every area.

Audi q5 2019 Review

If you’r thinking about buying a new car ahead – What car duck can’t go to a new car buying section. Where we can help save you thousands and there’s no need to haggle. As you can see styling wise is very similar to the first generation Audi q5 that came out in 2008. But there are some key differences model to model then this second generation is around 90 kilograms lighter. It boasts a whole host of efficient and impressive engines and it also promises a lavish and spacious interior.
What do you think of its looks. And how does it compare to Land Rovers Discovery sportBMWs x3, and the Alfa Romeo. Stell vo why not tell us in our poll. How D has a habit of showing other manufacturers how to make cars look. And feel fantastic inside and this Audi q5 is a prime example press something. That’s meant to move such as one of these switches and without exception. It will click precisely and feel properly plush press. Something that’s not meant to move and it won’t because the fixtures and fittings are so robust. But, It isn’t just inside this car
That feels solid either close a door and you’ll hear a satisfying thunk. While all the panel gaps appear to be millimeter perfect it’s only the BMW x3. That gets anywhere near to matching his ultra-high standards and it’s also the only one that can rival. All DS MMI infotainment system you get this rotary dial. And also some shortcut buttons which does make it really easy to navigate.

Audi q5 is a Large Suv

Your way around the menu while you’re on the move and on top of that you’ve got a screen up here. It is really easy to see it’s crisp it’s sharp and it’s in a really great place. You get a 7-inch screen as standard and if you get the upgraded system. It’s an 8 point 3-inch screen every version of the Audi q5 gets a height-adjustable driver seat. But there’s also plenty of range backward and forwards for those taller drivers and not quite. So, tall drivers and you can move the steering wheel up and down. And in and out so it just for reach and breaks so you should be able to find a comfortable driving position.
Not only that you get 4-way adjustable lumbar support so you could get quite fussy with this. I’m just getting it just perfect. And then there’s also an adjustable driver seat base and the seats overall a grip you securely. So, if you are doing some spirited driving around corners you should stay in place. It does not just comfort the q5 does well the digital instrument display. Is clear and all the buttons are clearly labels and within easier to hit.
On the move no matter what size you are you’ll have plenty of space. Because it is very largely site this car and there’s plenty of storage as well. So, we’ve got a banana, mobile, phone healthy snack, and underneath. Here we’ve got two cupholders and adjustable armrest little bit of stowage there and something. They’re not big enough for my sunglasses but they will fit in the glove box. And this large bottle of water will fit in the door bin excellent. In the back, you get loads of headroom and a decent amount of knee room. And you can fit three adults side-by-side. Which you can in the Volvo xc60 and Land Rover Discovery sport as well. But in those cars, it’s a little comfier because they’re slightly more room as standard.
You get 60/40 split-folding rear seats which are easy to drop thanks to a couple of Handy levers placed just inside the tailgate opening we’d recommend taking rear bench seat plus on the options list though this gets you sliding and reclining rear seats as well as the more practical 40/20/40 split-folding arrangement as for the boots you get a power tailgate on all models which is really useful and the size is the same as Mercedes GLC and BMWs x3 it’s also a really useful square shape.
So as you can see I’ve manage to fit my double pram in there and I’ve get loads of space left over so I’ve got some luggage here. And if you don’t have this in the boot you can fit nine carry-on cases and with the rear seats. If you go for the optional sliding ones the boot then is one of the biggest in its class. But how expensive is the Audi q5 and what’s it like to run one these are the key things. You need to know about buying and owning a this Audi being a premium badge SUV. The q5 is not exactly cheap to buy however it is competitively price against its closest rivals the bmw x3 and Mercedes GL C
It should be worth at least as much or more than its rivals when it comes to selling it on this also helps with finance deals so it’s surprisingly affordable compare to its rivals on a PCP finance deal company car drivers should look at the 40 TDI because it has relatively low co2 emissions which in turn keeps company car tax low there’s also a plug-in hybrid version on the way which should have even lower co2 emissions that 40 TDI engine managed a respectable 41 miles per gallon in our real-world true mpg tests which fares well against the equivalent engine in volvo xc60 standard equipment is reasonably generous across the range but if you go for our favorite model.
Which is the entry-level sport you get 18-inch alloy wheels three-zone climate control cruise control and part-leather seats consider adding the technology pack and you get out to ease virtual cockpit and the upgraded infotainment system the Audi q5 comes with a three year 60,000 mile warranty which you can extend to five years and 90,000 miles which you may want to do because oddly doesn’t have a brilliant record for reliability.
It finished 20th out of 31 manufacturers in our latest reliability survey safety experts euro end cap gave the full 5 star safety rating six airbags, as well as automatic emergency braking, are standard this car has a simple engine lineup of 1 DS or 1 petrol and a plug-in hybrid coming soon the 40 TDI diesel makes the most sense it’s a 2-liter engine with 187 brake horsepower and although it isn’t particularly quick it does get up to motorway speeds with very little drama and can match or better the pace of rivals with equivalent engines.
It’s fitt with a seven-speed automatic gearbox which can be a little slow-Witte. When pulling away from junctions the 45 TFSI petrol wouldn’t be our first choice. But if you really don’t want a diesel it is worth a serious look this 4-cylinder revs keenly. And feels genuinely lively on the move the plug-in hybrid is call the 55 TFSI II and gets a 2-liter four-cylinder petrol paire with a lithium-ion battery. Which delivers 362 brake horsepower and a naught to 62 miles per hour time of just 5.3 seconds it has a claimed electric-only range of 26 miles we haven’t driven it yet but it could certainly be worth a look similarly. If you want some serious pace you can go for the sq5.

Which is fitt with a three-liter diesel engine and it is effortlessly quick and that’s available at the end of the year sport s line and Black Edition models get more out because dynamic suspension as standard with this setup the regular Audi q4. I was pretty comfortable but if you really value ride comfort in your car. Then you’ll need the adaptive air suspension, unfortunately. It’s only sand on horse run models and not even an option on the others.

But if you do have it then the Audi q5 offers the most comfortable ride of any SUV in this class but if you want to drive the quickly it isn’t quite as rewarding as the very best handling cars in this class. The Jaguar F pace or Porsche Macan that’s mainly due to the steering which doesn’t give you quite the same sense of connection as these cars it is precise enough to allow you to place the car accurately through bends though and against other large SUV’s it handles very tightly.
This is a wonderfully relaxing car on long journeys winds noises well stifle at high speeds. Partly help for the standard acoustic glazing on the windscreen and an all matte the entry-level sport versions the front side windows to every engine is smooth and hush and diesel is among the quietest of its type in its class so than this Audi is one of the best SUVs that you can buy is incredibly comfortable and refined with a smooth and punchy engine lineup and a high-quality interior. If you want to large SUV it should definitely be on your shortlist and if you do want to buy one make sure you go to what car comm to find out how much money we could save you you’ll be able to see online straight away without the need for any haggling.


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