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Who is Sunil Chhetri

We know that Cristiano Ronaldo is the top active goalscorer in international football. But who do you think is number 2. Messi Neymar no way it’s the Indian star Sunil Chhetri. When you think about India what springs to mind Bollywood movies Taj Mahal do you. Think about math yoga or your nearest Indian takeaway there’s something you’ve forgotten. 
Sunil Chhetri at 34 years old Jet Li is a legend in India with 107 caps for the national squad. He is the most capped player in the history of Indian football and with 67 goals.
Chattering where’s the captain’s armband for the Indian team and for his club. Bengaluru FC his nickname is Captain Fantastic a real superhero name how suitable for this Hulk fan. Who doesn’t exactly look like his idol okay it’s true Jeff Lee is not as physically impressive as Latin Ibrahimovic. But what type of player is he a dribbler like Messi or Neymar Hulse. A sprinter superfast player like him bopping. Yes, again a complete player who has absolutely everything like impossible there’s no one like him Sunil Chhetri is nothing like these players. 
H’s a focused striker who knows exactly where he needs to be a killer. who waits for the perfect moments to pass the opposition keeper. It’s not surprising he’s a big fan of Ronaldo and Thierry on reading if there’s a current player we could compare Sunil Chhetri – maybe it’s Cristiano Ronaldo. we know Jet Li is not performing bicycle kicks against Juventus for scoring hat-tricks against Atletico don’t get mad but like the Portuguese player. The Indian is a workaholic he wants to stay just that little longer after training and even returns early from holidays which is why at 34 years old. He still single-handedly carrying his club and his country isn’t 34 the same age as a certain cr7. 

Sunil Chhetri takes a lot of care

Sunil Chhetri takes a lot of care of his. figure nothing like your mate from Sunday League. Who drinks beer and smokes cigarettes after a game no Sunil is a very serious guy. Who pays a lot of attention to his diet. 
‘Sunil has eliminated sugar from his diet.’ ‘The earlier trend among Indian footballers. Was to enjoy the butter chicken today and perform an extra hours practice tomorrow.’ ‘Sunil has changed that his regimented life spends 365 days a year.’
India has never taken part in a World Cup the only time they qualified in 1950. They pulled out partly because FIFA banned the players from playing barefoot the country is absolutely obsessed with cricket the number one sport football has to take a back seat, But Chhetri wants to change things in June 2018 he launched an incredible appeal to the Indian people. 
“Come and watch us in the stadiums I mean it’s not fun to criticize or abuse on internet. Come to the stadium did on her face scream others shout at us fabulous who knows one day we might change you guys you might start cheering for us he’s come” 
Afterward, India’s next game was sold out. Jet Li has never been able to impose himself outside of his country he played in the US for Kansas City and for sporting Portugal both huge flops. But he remains a fantastic ambassador for Indian football. There’s no doubt he’s the best player in his country’s history and he will do everything he can. So, that India becomes a major player in world football.


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