Homemade Frozen Yogurt in 5 Minutes (No Ice Cream Machine)

I know what huge fans you are of my no-machine frozen yogurt ice cream recipes. So today, I thought we would take it to another level and make no-machine.
Homemade Frozen Yogurt in 5 Minutes without Ice Cream Machine
Homemade Frozen Yogurt in 5 Minutes
So let’s get started. My frozen yogurt contains just four simple ingredients and contains all-natural sugars that come from fruit and from honey. So it’s a really great recipe if you’re kind of trying to lighten things up a bit
Fresh Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
We’re going to start out with our first flavor, which is a really nice fresh strawberry. We’re going to start out in a food processor. Now if you don’t have a food processor, you can always use a blender.  Into our food processor, we’re going to add in frozen strawberries. Now the reason I use frozen is because when you blend it up, it gives a lovely, thick, creamy texture. And make sure to use good quality strawberries. To our strawberries, we are going to add in our yogurt. Now I am using plain Greek, but you can always just add in regular yogurt.
So now our next important ingredient is honey. Now it doesn’t just add sweetness. It actually makes your frozen yogurt scoopable so it’s a really important ingredient. If you don’t use honey, you can also just replace it with agave. And if you’re making a vegan, you can always use a dairy-free yogurt like coconut.
Next, we’re going to add in some fresh lemon juice. Now what this does is just balance out all the sweetness in our frozen yogurt. And that’s it, just those simple ingredients. Then we’re going to pop on our lid and then we’re simply just going to blend all this up until it’s lovely and smooth. It’ll take around 3 minutes or so. OK great, I can tell it’s lovely and smooth in there so I’m going to turn it off.  Fantastic, I can see all the strawberries are blended. Check that out. This is the texture that you want. It’s really nice and thick, almost kind of creamy. Oh my gosh, this tastes so good.
There’s sweetness from the berries and the honey and then there’s a little bit of tartness from the lemon juice and the yogurt. It is a perfect combination, now you actually can enjoy this right now as is, but I’m going to freeze mine.
I’m going to freeze my frozen yogurt in my trusty ice cream containers. Fill your container with yours. You can see what lovely texture it has already. And to finish it off, I like to put a fresh strawberry on top. Since this is bigger bolder baking, we always add on a personalized sticker. Our strawberry frozen yogurt is ready for the freezer. Now you can put it in there for a minimum of six hours but I prefer to leave it overnight.
Pineapple And Toasted Coconut Frozen Yogurt
Our next frozen yogurt is a lovely tropical flavor, it’s pineapple and toasted coconut. Just like before, add in your frozen fruit, yogurt, honey, and a little bit of lemon juice. And then on with our lid, and blend it up until it’s really lovely and smooth. You can probably see already how simple it is to make the. You just need a nice fruit, yogurt, sugar, and a flavor. Oh my gosh, the smell of the pineapple is gorgeous.
I really am a fan of tropical fruit. Just look at this, also lovely and thick just like the other one. Smooth, absolutely delicious. Oh gosh, I love pineapple. Now into here, I’m going to add in some toasted coconut to really kind of bring together those tropical flavors. Now fill your container with your pineapple and coconut frozen yogurt. And then, of course, I like to add some extra coconut on top. And then finish it off with your big and bold label. In no time at all, I have another delicious frozen yogurt flavor ready for the freezer. Our next flavor is decadent and almost sinful.
Chocolate And Banana Frozen Yogurt
It is chocolate and banana. Into our food processor, we’re going to add in some frozen sliced banana. Now what I like to do as a little tip is when I have bananas in my house and I think they’re going to go brown, I slice them up and then freeze them so they’re really great for frozen yogurt or other types of desserts. Add in your yogurt, honey, some vanilla extract, and then cocoa powder. My tip about the cocoa powder is please use good quality unsweetened cocoa powder. It will make all the difference to your frozen yogurt. It will almost make it taste like a frozen chocolate mousse. Your banana might start to clump together while processing so go in with your spatula and try to break it up.
When you process frozen bananas they get lovely and thick and kind of creamy so it works really well in this kind of a recipe. It’s like chocolate frozen mousse. Yep, and it tastes really good. The combination of chocolate and banana works really well together because I think the chocolate is that rich side and then the banana is sweet. It’s just so good together. Just look at the lovely, smooth, silky texture of this frozen yogurt. I like to add some slices of bananas on top and grate over some dark chocolate. I think this frozen yogurt is one of my favorites because the texture and the flavor combined make me come back for more.
Desserts with mango are hugely requested on Bigger Bolder Baking so I thought that our next frozen yogurt flavor should be mango and lime.
Mango Frozen Yogurt
Into your food processor, add in your frozen mango. Mango is a really starchy fruit so when you process it, it gets lovely and thick and smooth and it works really well in this dessert. Next, add in your yogurt, honey, and lime juice. On with our lid and then pulse until smooth. When your mango is blended well, lastly I’m going to grate in some fresh lime zest. I adore the flavor of lime, I actually think I should use it more in my desserts because when you think about it, it’s kind of like a seasoning like the way that sugar and salt is a seasoning.
Citrus and these kinds of zesty things are seasonings for food, they bring out all of the lovely flavors. Now all you want to do is take your spatula and mix in your zest. Just like I imagined, it tastes like heaven. It’s kind of zippy, it’s kind of creamy and smooth from the mango. I can’t get enough of these two flavors together. Into your tub we go, all the way to the top. Then of course, place on your label.
I cannot wait to try this but this next flavor is one I’ve been waiting for.
Cake Batter Frozen Yogurt
A lot of you know that I love to add sprinkles to my desserts. We’ve made a celebration cake, Funafuti ice cream. So why not make a cake batter frozen yogurt. This frozen yogurt is just a little bit different from the others where it doesn’t contain any fruit and it definitely is more of a little treat for yourself. Now into your food processor add in your yogurt. Next add in some cream cheese, honey, and vanilla extract. This frozen yogurt blends much faster than the others because there’s no frozen fruit so it will just take around 1 to 2 minutes. Once it’s all blended, add in your colorful sprinkles. This tastes just like cake batter with that kind of tangy zing from the yogurt. It tastes so good.
If this frozen yogurt wouldn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what would. You can make all of these frozen yogurt flavors and many more in just five minutes and no ice cream machine needed. Use my frozen yogurt recipe and technique as a guideline to come up with any flavors you like.


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