$17 Billion Mega Airport China’s Largest Airport At Beijing

New mega Beijing Daxing Airport. At one point there were up to 40,000 workers working here.
It’s an incredible feature at Daxing . So, wanna take you guys for a visit to Chinese Garden. So here we’re at the top of the airport, the garden here. Look at us, behind. That is Chinese high speed train. Every seat here just looks like a first class seat on the aeroplane.
mega airport at beijing
China’s Largest $17 Billion Mega Airport At Beijing
So today I am going to take you to explore China’s new mega airport. At least 46 kilometres south of Beijing city. And, there are two ways to get there by train. One is on a high speed rail like this, the Chinese fast bullet train. And, it costs about 90 Yuan. You get a seat in business class like this, or 25 yuan in the second class. And the second way is by a dedicated metro line, and it’s about 25 minutes by the metro line. There’s one button on the chair you push down. It convert to a flat bed. Just as good as first class seats on the aeroplanes . I have the whole cabin here, myself. Business class, only five seats available.
It’s incredibly quiet on this train. And, you couldn’t hear much noise. And it’s very little vibration as well. So now we’re gonna speed up all the way to Daxing.
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Frist Int’l Arrival Flight At Airport
British Airways the flight behind me is the first to arrive. A foreign airline, first arrival at Daxing Airport. Between my feet, is the absolute center of the building. So, it’s a six-armed star. South here’s international, the other four are domestic, and then the north is the railway station. Everything comes together geometrically right in this point. There were up to 40,000 workers working here. We had, at one point, 80 tower cranes. Manoeuvring things on the site. I think, rightly the people in China are very very proud of this building because it is, only possible to do something like this amazing in China. And one of the things that’s really nice about one of the design features that we have here is that you can stand here, on the land side, right up until the edge of the central, unifying space. That brings people together.
So, one of the things that we have here, which I wanted to briefly explain is the vertically stacked design of the building. So, we have, we’re standing right up here on this mezzanine with some restaurants and bars on the land side. And you look down into this main central canyon. which is the big domestic departure canyon with all the domestic retail. Above it, you have international departures. 
So, passengers cross the canyon and they go over to emigration. where they take their passport control and go out to the international, up here to the south. And then down below in this big oculus. this big elliptical hole, you have the immigration, where people are arriving. The first thing they can do is look up and see this wonderful space. that is quite uplifting and relaxing after a long flight. You see this central dome here, where we have the national flag hanging. it’s a big dome, which brings in light. You’re coming through from the land side.
over to the air side, into the central dome, and it’s a space where you orientate yourself. And then you can see there’s different strips of light that go down the individual piers. so it becomes very intuitive, the way you find your way to the gate. And if you look down the piers, you will see that you can see all the way down to the pier ends. you can see all the individual gates. So, suddenly the airport is a sign.

Even though it’s a very large building. It’s one of the largest, single volume passenger terminals in the world. It’s not intimidating, It’s still on a human scale. It uses this idea of courtyards. which is something that comes out of traditional Chinese architecture. It uses this idea of layering of spaces, which is also quite an urban feeling. And makes people feel comfortable. And, it also makes people feel like they’re in control of their journey. So it’s eight and a half, nine minutes, from the central part of the building to the furthest gate on the pier. which is quite, quite remarkable for an airport of this size. And also, we do it all without the so called. We don’t need one of those trains.
One of those airport people movers. Everything is done on foot. which makes it very sustainable also.
Here around the central space, we have these six mega columns. You can see here, one, two, three, four, and fix and six are behind us. Just with these six mega columns and a space frame technology. which is very large space frame technology using steel-welding spheres and hollow, round sections, so tubes.
Which has developed now. It’s now quite a sophisticated technology that lets us span. you know, these incredibly long distances, column free. And so, what that means is all the things you see inside here. including where we’re standing, the retail pods, everything here in theory. could be moved around. Over the next 50 to 70 years. which is kind of a lifespan of a project like this. Things could move around and be replaced here without changing the character of the building. or having to gut it, or having to kind of rip it apart.
Look at the people continuously, like arriver coming in, taking photo and selfies. They’re not flyers, but they just coming to enjoy the environment. The brand new China’s mega airport.
The level four which is the traditional full service check-in level with traditional check-in desks. Both for international and domestic travel passengers. But also, what this here has, which is a huge innovation, is the level below which is dedicated to self-processing passengers who arrive already with a boarding pass and have no bags where they can drop a bag through an automatic bag drop chest. Frequent domestic travellers have their own level below. And that really expedites passenger throughput.
The beauty of Daxing Airport. A feature is a transportation hub, seamlessly connected to the here. So, when you come out from the train, you go straight to check-in, go up third, fourth floor, go through the security checkpoint and go straight to the boarding gates. The whole experience will be seamless. Wow, when you arrive at the here, straight away, you felt the architecture is just wonderful, amazing. There’s lots of curve here. You can see the whole here is curved around, and it just felt very spacious, very bright.
It’s an incredible feature at Daxing Airport where this here, a straight line, at 44 kilometre, you could get through to Tian’anmen Square, and then to the Bell Tower, to the Drum Tower, to the National Stadium. It is all a straight line. They call the centre axe of Beijing and I encourage you guys to come to see the landmark here on the fourth floor of Daxing Air Station. So I just passed through the security in the air side, international side, here. You can cross the two bridges, then you get to the custom, then after that it will be the gate area.
So I am at the international pier at Daxing , a separate, is for domestic pier and the international pier here. And right in front of me, there’s actually a very nice Chinese garden. So, I wanna take you guys for a visit the Chinese garden.
– Yeah, it’s nice, it’s really nice.
– Wow, who doesn’t like to have a beautiful,
At International Pier Towards
So this is located in the international pier towards the end of the pier. If you guys have a few hours, then come out here. Have some fresh air. So here we’re at the top of the airport, the garden here.
What’s impressive is actually the bridge behind me. You can kind of board direct from the lounge and onto the aeroplane. So when you compare Daxing with Istanbul, which opened in April this year, they’re both mega projected to have 100 million passengers due time. In my opinion, both Istanbul and Daxing are brand new, built on a clean sheet, 21st century with a lot of good connectivity technology and good features.
The starfish shape, Daxing Airport, is actually quite smart. From one end to the other end, I walked around no more than 10 minutes in total. Because of that five pier shape, like a starfish. But, what I really want you guys come out to experience both of the here and share your opinion. Which one do you like more.


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